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4 Bean Salad

One of my favorite aromas coming from the kitchen is the indescribable mint.

The family liked the addition of fresh mint leaves to this dish - and sliced red onions can also be added. This salad keeps as long as there is anything left (if that makes any sense!).
1 can    Kidney beans, drained  
1 can    Cut green beans, drained  
1 can    Garbanzo beans, drained  
1 can    Cut yellow beans, drained  
½ cup    Vegetable oil  
½ cup    Vinegar  
½ cup    Sugar  
¼ cup    Fresh minced parsley  
½ tsp    Ground mustard  
½ tsp    Dried basil leaves  
½ tsp    Dried tarragon  
  Salt and pepper  
1 Rinse drained beans and place in large bowl.
2 Mix remaining ingredients together.
3 Pour over beans and marinate at least two hours.
Servings: 8
 Cooking Tips
Can also add black beans! Nice color combination!