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Asparagus with Balsamic Vinegar

Nora and I have taken cooking classes at a gourmet food store in Tulsa. The owner shared this simple recipe with us for baking or grilling asparagus that we have used regularly. The combination of flavors is wonderful.
  Asparagus spears, trimmed  
  Parmesan cheese shavings (potato peeler works great)  
  Olive oil  
  Balsamic vinegar  
  Fresh ground black pepper  
  Kosher salt  
1 Preheat oven to 400° or start grill.
2 Arrange asparagus on baking sheet lined with foil and drizzle lightly with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Season lightly with pepper, salt and oregano. Top with pieces of parmesan cheese, unless you are going to grill.
3 Cook in oven for 6-8 minutes until cheese melts and spears start to brown. Do not overcook - a little crunch is best.
4 Serve immediately with anything.
 Cooking Tips
If grilled, use spatula to transfer spears to grill and arrange in tight pattern so cheese shavings can be added without falling through grill. Grill for about ten minutes until cheese begins to melt. Do not try to turn spears - they will cook. Remove with spatula and serve immediately.
 Recipe Source

Source: Rich and Nora Clark