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Caesar Salad Dressing

This was originally made by Uncle Clark, and now we all adjust to our own tastes - it's still a family favorite! Thanks Uncle Clark and Michael! The instructions given below are per Mike!
1 cup    Salad Oil  
10 cloves    Garlic  
2 tsp    Worcestershire sauce  
2 bunches    Fresh mint  
  Italian seasoning  
  Juice of two lemons  
1 I start by putting ¼ cup of oil in the blender.
2 Then I add the garlic cloves (we use a lot less!) and run the blender to give them a coarse chop.
3 Next, the mint. I buy one good bunch and add all the good leaves. Chop this up a little, then add the Worcestershire, parsley and Italian seasoning (I've never measured any of this, although I did accidentally use soy sauce instead of the Worcestershire!)
4 Add the salt - about 2 tsp, and lemon juice.
5 I adjust the taste so if it's too acidic, I add "cardboard" parmesan (in the green cardboard cans) to cut the bitterness back a bit. (It should really taste too lemony when it's pau.) Everything is all done by estimation - I think there's so much garlic in the original recipe that it overpowers the rest!