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Caribbean Spiced Pork Shoulder

This pork roast is the most succulent and tender we have ever tasted! The secret is in the brining step which helps to retain the juices during cooking. The preparation takes a little bit of work, but it is well worth it. You need to start the day before you cook it since the brining takes 12 hours.
5-6 lb    Pork shoulder (Boston butt or shoulder blade roast, bone in  
1 small bunch    Fresh thyme  
1 Tbs    Red pepper flakes  
2 cups    Apple juice  
1½ cup    Kosher salt  
2 gallons    Cold water  
Caribbean rub for roast:  
1½ Tbs    Black peppercorns  
1 Tbs    Allspice  
½ Tbs    Each: cumin seed, coriander seed, red pepper flakes and ground ginger  
1 Tbs    garlic powder  
1 Tbs    onion powder  
1 tsp    Cayenne pepper  
For Brine:
1 Heat 4 cups of the water, add salt and stir to dissolve.
2 Transfer to a 3 gallon pot or bucket and add remaining cold water, juice, thyme and chile flakes.
3 Add pork roast to brine and cover, refrigerated overnight or for 12 hours.
4 Remove pork from the brine, set on a rack and place back in refrigerator to dry for several hours.
For Rub:
1 Put all ingredients in coffee grinder or spice grinder and grind until fine.
To Cook:
1 Preheat oven to 450°.
2 Rub pork roast with dry spice rub and roast for 15 minutes, then turn temperature down to 250 degrees. After about 4 hours check with meat thermometer to make sure internal temperature gets to at least 145 degrees.
3 Continue cooking up to total of 6 hours or until tender when tested with fork.
4 Slice and serve with fruit salsa and rice or black beans.
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Author: Rich and Nora Clark