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Chili Rellenos

The best!
4 cans    Whole green chilies  
1 pound    Jack cheese  
2   Eggs  
2 Tbs    Hot water  
3 Tbs    Flour  
3 Tbs    Chopped onions  
1 Tbs    Butter  
1 clove    Garlic, minced  
2 cans (8 oz)    Tomato sauce  
1/3 cup    Water  
¼ tsp    Oregano  
¼ tsp    Salt  
1 Rinse and remove seeds from the chilies, keeping as whole as possible.
2 Cut fingers of jack cheese to fit the chili pockets.
3 Insert cheese into chilies; roll chilies in flour and let stand a few minutes.
4 Beat the eggs until frothy.
5 Mix flour with the hot water and salt and then add to eggs; blend to a smooth batter.
6 Dip chilies in batter and fry in 1" of hot oil.
For sauce:
1 Saute onion in butter; add garlic, then the tomato sauce with the water. Sprinkle with the oregano and salt; then simmer 15 minutes until flavors are blended
2 Serve chilies on a bed of shredded lettuce, topped with the sauce and sprinkle with shredded jack cheese.