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Chocolate Mousse

This is from our 6th child - Alicen Clark, who also happens to be not only a good friend, but the supplier of LILIKOI JUICE!!!! Let's hear it for Alicen!
1 cup    Heavy whipping cream  
½ cup    Sugar  
¼ cup    Water  
6 ounces    Semi-sweet chocolate  
2 large    Eggs  
½ tsp    Instant coffee  
2 Tbs    Brandy or ???  
1 Whip cream until thick and set aside.
2 Heat sugar and water until sugar dissolves and comes to a boil. Stir in chocolate.
3 Whip coffee and eggs together, adding chocolate mixture slowly until smooth.
4 Add brandy or ???.
5 Fold in cream until blended. Mixture will be thin. Chill several hours before serving.