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Crab Delight

1 can    Cream of Mushroom soup  
1 envelope    Unflavored gelatin  
3 Tbs    Cold water  
¾ cup    Mayonnaise  
6 oz    Cream cheese  
1 cup    Chopped celery  
1 can (7 oz)    *Crab or 1 cup fresh crab  
½ cup    *Onion, grated  
1 Dissolve gelatin in water.
2 Add to warmed soup.
3 Add mayo, cream cheese, celery, crab and onion. Mix until cheese dissolves.
4 Pour into mold. Refrigerate several hours.
 Cooking Tips
* Ellie prefers using a tiny can of shrimp and 3/4 fresh shrimp. Also, she uses 1 tsp of instant minced onion and a few drops of fresh onion juice to grated onion - "It's easier for people to digest!"
 Recipe Source

Author: From Ellie Mitchell in Maui