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Cream of Green Chili Soup

1½ medium    Onions, diced  
3 cloves    Garlic, crushed  
3 russet    Potatoes, diced (baking potatoes)  
3 cans (12 oz ea)    Vegetable broth  
2 cans (7 oz ea)    Diced roasted green chilies (mild or to taste)  
½ pint    Whipping cream  
¼ cup    Butter  
1 pkg    Shredded cheese (4 blends of Mexican cheese works)  
2 tsp    Mexican oregano  
1 tsp    Cumin  
1 tsp    Salt  
1 pkg    Corn Tortillas  
1 In a large pot melt butter over low heat. Add onions and garlic and cook until translucent.
2 Add diced potatoes, vegetable broth and spices, except the cilantro.
3 Bring to a boil, lower heat and continue to cook about 30 minutes until potatoes are tender enough to mash with a potato masher.
4 Let broth cool a little before adding whipping cream. (It will curdle if broth is too hot)
5 After adding cream, heat over low heat to desired temperature.
6 Cut tortillas into strips, then fry or bake.
7 Top soup with fresh cilantro, cheese and tortilla strips.
 Cooking Tips
Other toppings: try avocados, sour cream, fresh salsa.