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Curried Chicken Tropical

½ cup    Sour cream  
½ cup    Mayonnaise  
¾ tsp    Curry powder  
1 Tbs    Onion, chopped  
1 Tbs    Lemon juice  
½ tsp    Salt  
1/8 tsp    Pepper  
¼ cup    Milk  
2 cups    Diced cooked chicken  
½ cup    Celery, sliced  
1-1/3 cups    Flaked coconut - toasted  
1 can    Mandarin oranges  
1 For dressing, combine sour cream, mayo, curry powder, onion, lemon juice, salt, pepper and milk.
2 Combine about half the dressing with chicken, celery, mandarin oranges and 1 cup of the coconut. Chill.
3 Mound chicken mixture on lettuce leaves and sprinkle with remaining coconut.
4 Serve with remaining dressing.