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Dry Cure for Turkey

The Hawaii Clarks used a version of this recipe for Thanksgiving '07 and the turkey was wonderfully flavorful and moist - even cold! Didn't have juniper berries or anise seeds OR fresh rosemary - just made do with what was on hand. It rocks!
3 Tbs    sea salt or kosher salt  
3 Tbs    dried marjoram  
3 Tbs    dried thyme  
3 Tbs    dried juniper berries  
1 Tbs    black peppercorns  
2 tsp    anise seeds  
1 Use a turkey that hasn't been infused with broth or butter. I've found free-range fresh turkeys work best. (We used the least expensive turkey we could find!)
2 I've made it twice now and one time ground up the rosemary in the spice grinder. It turned out fine then, too!
3 Convection ovens not recommended.