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Greek Lemon Soup

This soup is a relative newcomer to us, but immediately became a favorite!
6 cups    Chicken broth  
1/3 cup    Rice (uncooked)  
6   Eggs  
6 Tbs    Lemon juice  
  Chopped, fresh mint leaves  
1 Bring chicken broth to boil, add rice, cover and simmer 20 minutes until rice is tender.
2 In large bowl, beat eggs and then add lemon juice to eggs.
3 Slowly add some of the hot broth to egg mixture, stirring quickly so eggs do not cook. Continue till you've added about half of the broth.
4 Stir egg/broth mixture into broth in pan. Cook slowly until soup thickens.
5 Serve with chopped fresh mint leaves.
 Cooking Tips
If there is enough for leftovers, reheat very slowly or soup will curdle. This is such an easy recipe to reduce or add to! The formula is: for every cup of broth, use one egg and one tablespoon of lemon juice! The rice is a little more difficult, but your own taste will work it out!