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Lamb Shanks Deluxe

4 Shanks    Lamb, meaty  
½   Lemon  
¼ tsp    Garlic Powder  
  Flour to coat shanks (plus an additional 2 Tbs)  
2 tsp    Salt  
½ tsp    Pepper  
½ cup    Salad Oil  
1 can (10.5 oz)    Beef Consomme  
1 cup    Water  
½ cup    Dry Vermouth  
1 medium    Yellow Onion, Chopped  
4 medium    Carrots, sliced in chunks  
4 stalks    Celery, sliced in chunks  
1 Rub lamb with lemon and sprinkle with garlic powder. Let stand 10 minutes.
2 Put flour, salt and pepper in bag; shake shanks in flour mixture.
3 Brown shanks on all sides in hot oil. Remove and drain on paper towels.
4 Add 2 tablespoons flour to oil; stir and brown flour.
5 Add consomme, water and vermouth, stirring until slightly thickened. Add onion.
6 Place shanks in large baking dish and pour over gravy mixture, one layer only. Bake at 350° uncovered, for 1-1/2 hours. Turn shanks, add carrots and celery and continue baking another hour. Serve.
 Cooking Tips
This can be done in a slow cooker, even though left uncovered in the oven. Start early in the day, adding both the carrots and celery to the pot. Cook 6 hours or more on medium setting.
 Recipe Source

Author: Sue Roek

Sue was an old friend of Stockton, California days. She is no longer with us, but I'm sure she knows that we still treasure this culinary masterpiece!