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Mark's Potato Salad

From Mark Taintor - of course!
1 cup    Mayonnaise (the good stuff)  
¼ cup    Dijon mustard  
2 Tbs    Fresh lime juice  
1 medium    Tomato, chopped  
2 Tbs    Cilantro, chopped  
½   Jalapeño pepper, chopped  
2   Scallions, chopped with green ends  
½ medium    Red onion, sliced thin  
½ tsp    Cayenne pepper  
2 cloves    Minced garlic  
  Salt and pepper to taste  
16   New potatoes (about 2 pounds)  
1 Cook potatoes, drain and cut into 1/2 inch slices.
2 Combine remaining ingredients and pour over potatoes, mixing well.
3 Chill and serve.