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Rabbit Stew

This recipe is so very old, dating back to when the twins and Steve were babies. "Rabbit Stew, that's me! Let me out of here!" came from a Bugs Bunny song the children sang; and a mother, desperate to find something the youngsters would eat, contrived this simple stew, naming it "Rabbit Stew." For some reason, it became a childhood favorite, and some of the Clark kids still use this recipe! It says "home."
1 lb    Hamburger  
1 small    Onion, chopped  
2 cups    Potatoes, cubed (can use frozen cubed potatoes)  
1-2 Tbs    Kitchen Bouquet  
1 Brown onions in a small amount of oil for several minutes, until onions are limp.
2 Add meat and saute, mashing it with a spoon to seperate chunks.
3 Add water to cover, along with potatoes and the Kitchen Bouquet. Simmer until the potatoes are done.
4 Small amounts of vegetables can be added and then heated through before serving.