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Rice Stuffed Peppers

4 medium    Green Bell Peppers  
1 tsp    Salt  
  Boiling Water  
2 Tbs    Butter or Margarine  
¼ cup    Chopped Onion  
½ lb    Ground Beef  
1 cup    Cooked Rice  
¼ tsp    Oregano  
1 small can    Tomato Sauce  
4 slices    Cheese  
1 Cut ¼ inch slice from top of each pepper and remove seeds.
2 Add ½ tsp salt to enough boiling water to cover peppers. Cook peppers about 5 minutes. Drain. (This step can also be done - easier! - in the microwave!)
3 Melt butter in skillet, add onion and cook until lightly browned.
4 Add meat and cook, stirring with a fork to break meat up, until meat looses its red color.
5 Add rice, tomato sauce, ½ tsp salt and oregano and mix well.
6 Fill peppers with mixture and place upright in shallow baking pan. Add a small amount of water and bake at 350° degrees 20 to 25 minutes.
7 Place cheese slices on top of peppers and leave in oven until melted.
 Cooking Tips
These freeze well, too.