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Russian Tea Cakes

You'll find this recipe all over the world, variously described as "Mexican Wedding Cakes," "Nut Balls," etc. Whatever, they're a winner!
1 cup    soft butter  
1/2 cup    powdered sugar  
1 teaspoon    vanilla  
2-1/4 cups    flour  
1/4 teaspoon    salt  
3/4 cup    finely chopped nuts  
1 Cream the butter and sugar together.
2 Stir in the flour and salt and mix well.
3 Add the nuts and blend in. Chill dough for an hour.
4 Roll in 1" balls, place 2-1/2" apart on ungreased baking sheet.
5 Bake at 400° until set, but not brown, about 10 to 12 minutes. While warm, roll in powdered sugar. Cool.
6 Roll again in powdered sugar.