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Scotch Salmon

Candied orange zest is optional as is 1/4 cup creme fraiche. While it takes a little longer to assemble the ingredients, the result is only stunning!
6 oz    Salmon Filets  
  Flour to coat Salmon  
2 Tbs    Butter  
  Salt and Pepper  
½ Tbs    Garlic, Minced  
1 Tbs    Dijon Mustard  
½ Tbs    Shallots, Minced  
¼ Tbs    Brown Sugar  
1 Tbs    Raspberry Vinegar  
¼ cup    Scotch (the real drinkin' da kine)  
¾ cup    Orange Juice  
3 Tbs    Drambuie (same same)  
1 Lightly dust the filets with flour.
2 Heat the butter in a saute pan and brown filets on one side. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and turn to brown.
3 Add garlic, mustard, shallots and brown sugar. After ingredients cook for a few seconds, add the raspberry vinegar. By this time, the second side will have browned slightly.
4 With the filets in the pan, deglaze it with the scotch. Add orange juice. Move pan in a circular motion to marry the ingredients (no pun intended).
5 Reduce sauce until it begins to thicken.
6 Finish with cream and Drambuie.
7 Garnish with creme fraiche and candied orange zest. Just lovely!
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Author: Mike Clark