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See's Chocolate Fudge

This recipe made the rounds years ago and is a good fudge recipe. I believe it promises to make 5 pounds!
3 pkgs    Chocolate chips  
2 cups    Chopped nuts  
1 jar (8 oz)    Marshmallow whip  
2 tsp    Vanilla  
1/2 lb    Butter  
4 ½ cups    Sugar  
1 lg can    Sweetened condensed milk  
1 Mix the chips, nuts, marshmallow whip and vanilla together in a large bowl.
2 Melt the butter. Set aside.
3 Boil the sugar and milk together for 13 minutes, stirring constantly.
4 Mix in the melted butter, then stir into the first mixture. Mix thoroughly.
5 Pour out on a greased platter and allow to cool before cutting.