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Shortbread Cookies

1 cup    Sifted flour  
½ cup    Cornstarch  
½ cup    Powdered sugar  
1 ½ sticks    Butter  
1 cup    Ground nut meats  
1 In a medium mixing bowl, sift together flour, cornstarch and sugar.
2 Stir in nuts.
3 Add soft butter and blend. Dough should be firm enough to handle without chilling.
4 Using level tablespoon full, shape dough into balls. Place on an ungreased cookie sheet.
5 With lightly floured fork, flatten each ball so it is ridged.
6 Bake in a 300° oven until edges are only lightly browned, 20 to 25 minutes. Cool and store in tightly covered tin container.
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Author: Another from "Grandma Chum" (aka Aunt Virginia) - and one of Uncle George's favorites (ours, too!).