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Shrimp Pizza Dip

We serve this with those trendy "Carr" crackers (they're thin and strong). Excellent party pupu.
2½ pkgs    Cream cheese  
3 Tbs    Worchestersire sauce  
2 Tbs    Lemon juice  
½   Medium onion, finely chopped  
1 bottle    Cocktail sauce  
4 Tbs    Horseradish  
1 tsp    Lemon pepper marinade (optional)  
3-4 pkgs (7 oz)    Frozen / fresh shrimp  
1 Combine cream cheese, Worch. sauce, lemon juice and onion.
2 Spread into round glass pie dish.
3 Combine horseradish and cocktail sauce and spread on top of cream cheese mixture.
4 Add shrimp to top (season with lemon pepper marinade first if used).
 Recipe Source

Author: Eric Carr

Source: Jan and Mike Clark