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Sun Dried Figs

4 lbs    Ripe Figs  
1 Tbs    Soda  
1 cup    Water  
2 cups    Sugar  
1 Soak figs in water with the soda for ½ hour.
2 Wash (hey, not with soap!) and dry.
3 Make syrup with the water and sugar, bring to a boil.
4 Put figs carefully in the hot syrup and boil gently for one hour.
5 Let stand over night and boil again for another hour.
6 Slip out with a fork and press flat on a tray.
7 Place in the sun to dry (you may need to cover with a screen to keep hungry birds and bugs away!).
8 Roll in powdered sugar, pack in jars, or freeze.
 Recipe Source

I found this recipe in an Arizona Republic Newspaper in the early 50's! It has been included because it is just outstanding. Takes a bit of time, but well worth it. The twins (Richard and Renee) may remember these sweet treats!