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Sweet Dills

These became an instant success with everyone!
1 jar (46 oz)    Regular or "Original" Dill Pickles - not Kosher (Vlasic is good)  
1-1/3 cups    Boiling water  
2-1/3 cups    Sugar  
2/3 cup    Cider Vinegar  
½ to 1 tsp    Celery Seed  
1 Cut pickles into desired sizes and drain thoroughly. Place in glass bowl. Add celery seed.
2 Boil water, sugar and vinegar together for 15 minutes.
3 Pour over the drained pickles, cover and let stand until cool.
4 Repack in same jar, or divide into smaller jars.
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Author: Carolyn Schreiner

Carolyn is one of the first people I met in Green Valley and was my very first bridge partner! Thanks, Carolyn. The whole family loves these!