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You've landed at our studio - sit back and enjoy the shows. Most of our collections have been prepared so you can either preview and select any thumbnail, which will then display it's full-sized version, or you can simply play them as a slide show, complete with music and mind-boggling transitions.

In store for you are photos from all of our favorite islands, family photos that are guaranteed to put you right to sleep, and photos from the olden days, when a flash cube was considered to be high-tech, and the Instamatic camera was the thing to have if you were so the swinging party-going guy.

For the most part, the photos are not displayed in any particular order, and captioning isn't even on the radar screen at this point. But you come, you click, you enjoy - isn't life just wonderful?

The menu on the left links to the various pages that contain our image collections. Enjoy!


Hawaii's Natural Wonders -

There are very few truly breath taking places in the world. Few will dispute that the Hawaiian Islands belongs on that list. Each island has it's own special beauty, it's own unique features it's own mana. Whether it's the majestic "Grand Canyon" on the island of Kauai or the continued volcanic activity from the Big Island, we've got a lot of cool things happening in the visual 50th state.

Clark Kids

Here's where we've stashed our family jewels, but if you're nuts enough to want to see them, here they are. Most of these collections are simply small groups of photos that simply needed a place to call home. The bulk of our personal images are kept under lock and key, otherwise, you're most likely going to find them the special occasions section, one floor down and to your left.

Here's a sample of some of the photos I'm trying to restore on the great slide-scan challenge, now entering it's ___th year of progress!

If it wasn't for Thanksgiving and Christmas and Family Vacations and Easter and Graduations and Weddings and... well, you get the picture. And if it's pictures of some of the past events that have helped mold our lives into the sorry shape we're at now, welcome back stranger.

Seriously, there is some mystical relationship that began with the digital camera and to this day, their is no end in sight. Why not take 500 photos from Christmas morning, then somehow end with a few dozen real gems we can print and actually enjoy just like the old days.