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The Family Tree

3 Amigos
Quite honestly, I think this big yellow pants thing has something to do wih your penis.

This web site is the home for our Ohana (family), but we welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit. Inside you'll find amusing stories, found by clicking on the "Talk Story" link at the top of the page. To view the best of our photos, the Photo Album is the place to be. Still under construction is our Family Tree, but we'll have that online for you shortly, and you won't want to miss one of the best home-grown cookbooks you're likely to find on the web in "From the Kitchen".

Tree for All

I personally lack the working knowledge on constructing this tree; Tree-meister Helen Clark will be working the assist for this project, so we'll be laying out this tree steeped in the knowledge that our bark will be firm and strong, and our bite will be kind and understanding... as long as it's not built anywhere near a highway or dirt trodden mass.

About this web site

This web site has been designed and is maintained by Mike Clark, a witty web developer. Mike worked as a "one-man team" in the olden days before the Internet boom. Working for such prestigious clients as TEAM Unlimited, XTERRA, The Oahu Visitors Bureau and Royal Hawaiian Cruises, Mike is now retired and spends his spare time computing and enjoying life.