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The Family Cookbook

I think it was Bugs Bunny's immortal "What's Cooking, Doc?" that started mankind's crave for the perfect construct of Ingredients, meticously measured to specification, that has garnered out interest for the perfect Cookbook. No 30-minute meals or BAM! has come even marginally close. And inside our Family Cookbook you just might approach perfection, as our cookbook has recipes from all over the world.



In Hawaii. we call our food kaukau. Eat enough and you will truely look like a cow. Yet it's here at the Sandwich Islands that when we sit down to eat our "grinds", we find ourselves ready to eat our simple dishes we like to call Pupus. You figure it out. I hope that this brief bit of history has you all set to start making them pupus and come kaukau till you all bus' up inside...



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