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You've arrived! Welcome to our web site and - most particularly - thanks (mahalo) for being a part of our domain. Please sample some of the many interesting gems we've buried in the web site, including a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Offer valid in The United States only (Offer not valid in all 50 states, it's territories or any place else not covered or mentioned.)

Sound fair to you? Me too, so lets get started!

AtomMy goal for this first section is to orient and instruct you on how to access the web pages - each it's own little treasure - that I have incorportated into the site. Already our home office has been swamped with calls to put our fantastic Lilikoi Jelly recipe back online, but be adventerous and try out the fantastic Lillikoi Chiffon Pie recipe as well. And now that my mouth is already watering, you simply must try Rich's Spinach Enchiladas - broke da mouth thinking about that one, for sure.

For those still with me, go ahead and click the box to the right of the yellow box (look near the top of the page) and the real home page will load for you, letting me quietly slip out the back door.


Mail: Mike Clark, 504 Iana Street., Kailua, HI 96734, USA.
E-Contact: clark@kailuahawaii.com

This is most likely the home page for the Kailua Hawaii web site. Once you leave this page this is what will appear when you click the "Home" button. Gone will be the "Bar of Information", enticing you to explore our site. Gone will be the required README file no one bothers to read. I think the point of what I'm trying to say here is that I'll be done with all the fancy footprints... (not sure what that means)


Aloha from Kailua, Hawaii


Scenic Kailua Beach on Oahu. Often voted as the "Greatest Beach in the World".


This web site is the home for our Ohana (family); we welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit. Inside you'll find amusing stories in our "Talk Story" section, tremendous recipes in our Family Cook book, and there are some interesting ideas brewing for our Family Tree. Looking for some great natural eye-candy? Nothing can beat the lush natural wonders of the Aloha State. and you can find that one terrific photo that will make your day.

The town of Kailua...

If you're planning a visit to "our side of the island", please be sure to visit both the Kailua, Oahu Chamber of Commerce site, an essential stop for every web travel planner, and let the Island of Oahu's Visitor Bureau's web site serve as your guide to island-wide planning. For extensive state-wide travel planning tools, visit Hawaii's Official Tourism site, GoHawaii.

Born on the 4th of July

Well, I wasn't born on the 4th of July, but we did get married on the 4th - and we've got the photos to prove it. Join us for a delightfully entertaining recap of our wedding, dubbed the "Party of the Week" by Glamour Magazine (I think), it was a ceremony I didn't want to miss, that's for sure.

* New recipes have just been added to the Family Cookbook! (June 06, 2008)




Frankly, those little yellow boxes have kept me quite busy for hours now...

There's always something new and exciting happening in Kailua. The bigger question is whether I have the desire to add it to the site. And it's not even really desire, more the lack of laziness. Wait one... if I lack laziness, the means I'm not lazy, right? Okay, so it is the bigger question. My lack of laziness.


I have been having fun with various photos. All of them legal. Oh, but do note that there are many photos on this site that can only be used on a non-commercial web site. For more about that, please stay tuned while I have a most important message from my sponsor...

Nah, just kidding you. But I'm not kidding on these photos. Although some of them are funny - they're not even in focus!


I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus

Bishop Museum

Bishop Museum located on Oahu.

As you've probably figured out, "Talk Story" is my About page - it's my place to tell you who I am, who and what people and things impact my circle or "opu" (well, opu is Hawaiian for stomach, and baby, my opu is one round buggah). Anyway, welcome to our Talk Story section.

Fasten your seat belts

The lovely Mr. and Mrs. David White, long-time residents of Deakin a lovely little community in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. (try wait; I need to catch my breath); anyway, the White's will be visiting to cap off their world-wide tour of High School Graduations, 25th Wedding Anniversaries and much-delayed 40th birthdays (50th?). Anyway, the buggah's goin' stop by bombai. Lovely isn't nearly the proper word for these folks - we make it a point to feed them daily. (They keep returning, so it seems to be workings).

About this web site

This web site has been designed and is maintained by Mike Clark, a witty but repetitious web developer. Mike worked as a "one-man team" in the olden days before the Internet boom. Working for such prestigious clients as TEAM Unlimited, XTERRA, Mike is now retired and spends his spare time computing and bitching about whetever comes to mind.



BINGO! Featuring some of the finest recipes from all over the globe, the Clark Family cookbook is the gem of the web site. Nominated for "Best Online Kailua Cookbook" on countless occasions, this nearly 300-page collection of recipes, includes many an island favorite. You'll want to go to the cookbook section of the site to get started. And I'm not going to even mention the many new recipes added almost daily...


The Family Cookbook

I think it was Bugs Bunny's immortal "What's Cooking, Doc?" that started mankind's crave for the perfect construct of Ingredients, mutinously measured to specification, that has garnered out interest for the perfect Cookbook. No 30-minute meals or BAM! has come even marginally close. And inside our Family Cookbook you just might approach perfection, as our cookbook has recipes from all over the world.



In Hawaii. we call our food kaukau. Eat enough and you will truly look like a cow. Yet it's here at the Sandwich Islands that when we sit down to eat our "grinds", we find ourselves ready to eat our simple dishes we like to call Pupus. You figure it out. I hope that this brief bit of history has you all set to start making them pupus and come kaukau till you all bus' up inside...


Mail: Mike Clark, 504 Iana Street., Kailua, HI 96734, USA.
E-Contact: clark@kailuahawaii.com